Pure Play Concourse Experts

Independent, boutique team of DevOps experts exclusively focused on Concourse

Who is Aptomi

Aptomi is an independent boutique team of DevOps experts exclusively focused on development, service and support for Concourse – the first open source continuous delivery platform built specifically for container native DevOps. We are actively contributing code to the project and have helped numerous enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes native continuous delivery with Concourse.


Meet Core Team

Roman Alekseenkov

Engineering leader with 15 years of experience. Former SVP Engineering at Mirantis.

Expert in Open-Source, Cloud, DevOps and CI/CD.

ACM ICPC 2006 World Champion.

Sergey Ryabin

Senior DevOps engineer

Passionate about application delivery in the cloud, Linux and containers.

Contributor to a variety of open source projects in the cloud infrastructure space.

Investors & Advisors

Boris Renski

Technology marketing professional with experience starting and scaling open source companies.

  • Co-Founder & CMO, Mirantis
  • Founding board member at OpenStack
  • Founder and CEO at Selectosa Systems, AGroup
  • BS OMIS, Santa Clara University

Mike Dvorkin

Orchestration, control, policy, automation systems specialist. Father of intent based networking.

  • Founder of Noiro (Cisco‚Äôs first alpha project)
  • Co-founder/Chief Scientist Insieme
  • Senior technical/architecture roles at Nuova, Xsigo, TiMetra