Adopt container-native CD integrated with your tools and process

Why choose Aptomi?

We are partners with Pivotal, but operate as an independent boutique team of DevOps experts exclusively focused on development, service and support for Concourse. We believe that Concourse codifies the best opinionated approach to Kubernetes-native continuous delivery and are here to help the Kubernetes ecosystem discover and take advantage of this awesome tool.


“Aptomi helped us implement continuous delivery with ConcourseCI, resulting in 3x improvement of time to deploy to Azure Kubernetes Service. ”

— Shivakumar Gopalakrishnan, VARIAN

Try Concourse

Get Immediate ROI with a 3-month Concourse POC, that includes the following:

Deployment and management of a single Concourse instance on your public or private cloud infrastructure of choice

Help configuring container image build process and continuous delivery pipeline workflow for one starter application

Integration with your existing ecosystem of tools:

  • Container Deployment target (AKS, EKS, GKE, Private Cloud)
  • Identity Provider (LDAP, AD etc.)
  • ITSM Platforms (ServiceNow, Jira)
  • ChatOps Platform (Slack, PagerDuty etc.)

Data driven ROI report based on 1-month of pipeline runs with analysis of developer productivity gains

Scale & Improve Concourse

If you are already using Concourse at scale, chances are you’ve come across some gaps or limitations. Our team is eager to partner with you to help develop and upstream Concourse features and bug fixes. While we can’t guarantee community acceptance of your feature priorities, we can promise to put the best foot forward when it comes to sensible roadmap acceleration requests. We can help with:

  • Definition, implementation and upstreaming of missing Concourse features
  • Priority fixes for known and new bug fixes
  • Integration with external systems (aka custom external resource development)
  • Concourse scale testing and performance optimization

Efficient Level 3 Support

At our customers we see that most organizations running production CD systems have a competent, internal developer tools team capable of helping devs triage and resolve majority of CI/CD issues. To that effect it makes little sense to waste money on a fixed, annual subscription fee to a third party vendor offering 24×7 triage and Level 1 response time SLAs for something like Concourse. However, sometimes the developer tools team needs a little bit of help on resolving complicated, Level 3 issues that require liaising with Concourse upstream community and merging bigger pieces of code. Aptomi can partner with your developer tools team to provide fixed price Level 3 issue resolution. We’ll quote upfront what it would take to resolve the issue. You’ll pay a fixed fee only if the problem is solved to your satisfaction.